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Friday 28.11 – Then end is near

There isn’t many days left to work on this project, so we try to finish up the work that is left. Today we worked on mounting the raspberry pi on to the car and try to get all the code done. We still need to get the car run at analog speed, if possible. So we have set some people to work on this, and the others are working on the Raspberry pi. Having to find a place to mount it and try to run the Raspberry pi with the power that the Arduino gives out, so we don’t need a extra battery for the Raspberry pi, hopefully. We worked on these problems all day. The mounting of the Raspberry went fine, and we also made some improvements in the code, but we didn’t quite get the analog speed to work yet. We agreed to meet next time, and make the presentation and finish everything up on Tuesday.


Today wasn’t the most effective day. There is missing one Raspberry pi camera, and we have lent out our own. So we sat down and looked at how we could do it, whenever we were to get the camera back. There is some guides on how to connect the camera to the raspberry pi, so it will hopefully not take to long when we get the camera. We also fixed some problems with the VNC server. The problem were that the IP changed from time to time, on the raspberry pi, so we had to set the IP the Raspberry Pi got, to static IP. It looks promising so far, hopefully it will continue to connect as easy as it has done on boot up so far. We tried several boot ups, and it did connect to the VNC right away, with the correct IP, so that looks very good.

Some problems..

Today we worked on getting the Playstation 3 controller to work with the car. We have gotten the controller to connect to a buzzer on the car, but we can’t get the car to move by pressing the Playstation controller at the moment. There is also a problem in the code that we got. Whenever we ask the car to go straight forward, it will only work on one wheel. This is a new problem for us, that probably sits in the code. So for this week there will be a lot of debugging, and hopefully we can get everything to work by the end of this week, so we have the final week for testing and running the car. Starting to get a bit stressed, but we will just have to work harder from now. We can do it 🙂

Connection to the PS3 controller

Today we actually got the new components that we were waiting for. We got the following components:

*USB HOST shield

*Bluetooth dongle USB

The USB host shield we had to use to make an connection with the Bluetooth dongle and the Arduino. Because we wanted to connect the Playstation 3 controller to the Arduino through Bluetooth. And this couldn’t be done through the Bluetooth module that we had available at school. So after we got the components, we tried to get the Playstation controller to connect to the Bluetooth. This took some hours of researching and many different attempts. But we did it, we now have the Playstation controller working with the Arduino. It doesn’t drive the car yet, but we will work on that next time. Atleast we know that the components we ordered, work. Next time we will start writing code for what will happen when we press different buttons on the Playstation controller.


Connection with PS3 controller and Arduino
Connection with PS3 controller and Arduino


Finally some progress!

Tuesday 04.11.2014.

We had some big progress today. After standing still for a long time because of waiting for components mostly. We have been able to do some small things while we have waited, some of those things were to clean up the code, and try to get a buzzer to work as a horn in the car, the last part is still in progress. But this was the day we got our 2nd WiFi-dongle for the Raspberry Pie. Luckily it came after only one week.  We have troubleshooted with the last WiFi-dongle for a couple of weeks, but we realized we needed to buy a new one, because the old one was incompatible. The new WiFi-dongle gave us wireless network to the raspberry pie. So now we have to get the VNC Server up and going so we can use the Raspberry Pie with our laptop as a monitor.  The next thing now is also to get video from the PI camera onto the laptop, wireless.

Very excited that we got the wifi for the Raspberry Pie working!
Very excited that we got the wifi for the Raspberry Pie working!


For this session we had to change the burned arduino mega board. At the same time we changed the assembly to be able to add the camera’s servos. After, we tried to get the servos to work asise with the car’s control code. I also made a lifting of the code. A lot of things were not used anymore and I made  libraries to use the car. It is Object Oriented Developed.

To finish I was able to control the car with my smartphone using an app called “Bluetooth Serial Controler” (android).


Today we made a few modifications to our code, we added some”drive” functions and made the car move. We had some problems connecting our BT-card to a PC. The card would just disconnect after a few seconds, so we had to pair it again and hope for the best. Most of the day went into trying to figure out why the BT-card kept DC-ing.
Today sensors were added and code for them implemented. After doing some research we’re switching controllers. The plan was to use a wiimote, but due to the way the wiimote transmits data, and the way our BT-card receives it, put simply: it will not work! So we’re switching to a PS3 controller. A few more functions were added to the code

Blog 3.10

Last time we found out that we wouldn’t be able to connect the Playstation 3 controller to the Arduino-Bluetooth module because apparently, the equipment we had, wasn’t sufficient. We ordered a USB Host and a Bluetooth dongle, so hopefully we can get the Playstation controller work, when these components come. But in the meantime, we are trying to connect the Playstation controller to the PC and then from the PC to the Arduino. We did this, because we have seen many people connect the controller to the PC, so hopefully this shouldn’t be to difficult. But as we work, we find new problems more often than solutions, it feels like. But we are motivated to get this working, so hopefully we will find a solution today.